As a neighbor to the United States, CLP looks to Mexico as a place of learning, collaboration and partnership in creating a world of local and global changes. CLP programs in and with Mexican organizations seeks to create a new kind of US-Mexico relationship– a relationship sin fronteras.


In 2011, CLP youth leaders in Norte Vista identified Mexico as a priority in understanding local history, family and immigration. “Immigration status and deportation” was in the top six concerns listed in a survey of 296 Norte Vista freshmen students.

Latino and Chicano culture is an important part of the Arlanza community and the lives of many CLP youth leaders. According to census data, 30% of community members in the Arlanza area are born outside of the USA and 53.77% of the community identified as “Hispanic.”

Building strong relationships with Mexico and understanding the ways that the border impacts the lives of community members and youth leaders in Arlanza and Southern California is a CLP priority.

Mexico Programs

Interested in partnering with CLP to bring about transformation and relationships between the USA and Mexico? Check out our partner page.

Consulting with Instituto Municipal de la Juventud de Leon (2010)

In 2010, CLP leaders were invited to Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico to serve as participants and consultants to the Instituto Municipal de la Juventud de León. CLP-USA hosted trainings and offered open source curriculum on nonviolent communication, social networking, youth-led organizing and youth retreats.

The team, together with leaders of Nuevo Generacion, organized a youth leadership camp in the local park to discuss corruption, forgiveness and social justice through theatre. See the report of the trip and view photos!.

Confronteras: Confronting the USA-Mexico Border (2011-2012)

The Mexico/US border itself is representative of many things: death, freedom, corruption, separation, safety, power and privilege. The goal of Confronteras is to gain an in-depth understanding of the border by education and first-hand experience and personal interactions. As young leaders traveling to the border and collaborating with nonprofits and community organizations, CLP youth and adults can reach out and understand the complex dynamics of la frontera.

Confronteras is a five-day experiential learning and immersion trip in partnership with Borderlinks. BorderLinks is an organization that facilitates border delegations in meaningful reflective and action-oriented ways, enabling CLP to connect and collaborate with groups who address youth organizing, labor and local food systems in Tucson, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

One key aspect of Confronteras are the youth staff members who help faciliate it through research, writing, fundraising and organizing. Many of these youth leaders are previous Send US to India (SU2I) youth who traveled to India in 2011. By using their knowledge and experiences from their experiences preparing for India and their two weeks abroad, youth staff are an integral and important voice and perspective in facilitating trainings and programming. It is our hope that youth who participate in Confronteras this year will assist in facilitating trips in the future.

Check out the blog that the youth leaders are maintaining in preparation for their journey.

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