Child Leader Project promotes solidarity and community building through sharing resources, skills and developing mutually beneficial partnerships to advance child and youth leaders, social justice and community investment across Southern California and South India.

Partnering with Child Leader Project

CLP engages in several kinds of partnerships:

  • Program Partnerships: CLP partners with with public schools, community centers or youth groups to engage CLP areas of expertise or CLP communities in reflection, dialogue and community action. This may include the development of child or youth collectives, leadership programming (year-long or otherwise).
  • Resource Sharing: CLP partners with organizations and youth advocates to share curriculum, ideas, resources and maintain relationships for future organizing and mutual support.
  • Network and Council Building: The Inland Empire of Southern California needs strong networks of community organizations and advocates. CLP partners with organizations for the foundational value of knowing each other, being known by one another and maintaining authentic relationships for support and encouragement.
  • Consulting, Guest Speaking: CLP offers consulting and guest speaking on the CLP model, experience, best practices and lessons learned. CLP also offers guest speaking from youth organizers, youth leaders and child activists.

If you are interested in exploring building a partnership with CLP, please contact with information about your organization and your interests.

Current Program Partners

Quail Valley Elementary

Child Leader Project partners with Quail Valley Elementary School almost yearly to pursue child-centric social justice programs on diversity, choices and international child leadership. Programs have included multiple-day camps for children as well as inspirational speaking and demonstrations by young adult CLP leaders from the USA and India.

In 2010, CLP hosted “CLP@QVE”– CLP’s first elementary school leadership camp in the USA. Over 60 children participated in the program, culminating in theatre games on choices and a “CLP-TV” video combining “child reporters” from Quail Valley and South India. Check out the video!

Norte Vista High School

CLP-NoVi is Child Leader Project’s local high school youth leadership program. Learn more.

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