Send US to INDIA: SU2I

Send US to INDIA or SU2I began in 2009 with two youth leaders from the Riverside community who traveled to South India to learn about their fellow youth leaders abroad.
The experiences of the two youth leaders were documented in a two-part video available on YouTube (part 1 and part 2).

In 2011, CLP expanded the program as part of the CLP-NoVi youth collective. In July 2011, eight CLP@NoVi leaders and six CLP young adult mentors traveled to India for a two-week social justice immersion program. Participants raised over $25,000 to support this trip to work alongside CLP-India (link to CLP-India), exploring issues of Dalit and women’s rights, community gardens, public education, child rights and poverty. The eight youth leaders created a video (to be uploaded on Youtube soon) and maintained a blog of their experience abroad (

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