Interested in an internship? Please review the internship application. Child Leader Project offers structured summer and academic-year internships for those seeking academic credit, job-skill development and/or a more structured, in-depth learning experience. Applications and expressions of interest are welcome year around.

Interns meet as a group to explore and develop specific non-profit and CLP-related skills and take leadership roles in CLP projects. Interns attend conferences, make presentations and serve as key leaders to each committee in maintaining an integrated organization.

In the past, CLP interns have attended conferences hosted by Clinton Global Initiative University, Green Festival, Sister Cities International, Yale University, UC Santa Cruz Sustainability Convergence and the UN Human Rights Seminar (Bangalore).

Interns are also strongly encouraged and supported to go to India with the USA team each summer as the capstone to their internship experience.


  • Gain first-hand experience in non-profit organizations, community organizing, fundraising, program development and management, conflict resolution, grant-writing, administration, youth mentorship and coalition building
  • Participate in group meetings, skill-development programs and seize personal and professional opportunities with a group of fellow interns from across Riverside
  • Receive academic credit from your college or university
  • Receive one-on-one mentorship from CLP leaders and advisers
  • Go to India in summer and intern alongside Indian activists and youth organizers

To see deadlines for the CLP Internship Program, please visit our calendar and contact

2010-2011 CLP Internship Cohort

2010-2011 was CLP’s first year of internships in Riverside. Our first cohort of interns were essential in developing the internship program and moving CLP forward in Riverside. Interns specifically developed the CLP@NoVi program, supported Send US to INDIA and initiated the Arlanza Community Garden project.

  • Cheng Ung
  • Francis Gaona
  • Gilbert Verdugo
  • Karla Ramirez
  • Malcolm McFarland
  • Serkadis Krohm
  • Sara Crowder

Sara Crowder, Current Executive Board Member Reflecting on her Internship as a Capstone Global Studies Project at UC Riverside: “At times, working for an organization that is not organized by hierarchical management and exact job descriptions has proved to be very confusing and frustrating to a new student of social change and community capacity building theory! However, the freedom to create, build, and self-assign projects has ultimately been an eye-opening and positive experience in which the work feels intricately connected to the mission.”

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