Child Leader Project operates in a “flower petal” structure of committees and groups who report to one another via social media and once monthly in-person meetings on the various and interconnected programs and projects of CLP. New volunteer leader-learners are welcome to join a specific committee to begin working on their CLP project/program of interest. All new volunteers are required to attend a CLP Orientation Training within the first two months of their volunteering and are encouraged to make a commitment to the completion of a specific program or task. Please visit the calendar to find the next training and register.


  • Gain first-hand experience on organization development, management and program planning
  • Immediately participate and play a leadership role in decision-making and creative processes
  • Take on responsibility and projects as fits best for your own time and schedule availability
  • Learn collaborative and consensus-based processes, engaging fellow young leaders in personal reflection, dialogue, research and group action

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