Since 2008, CLP has been an all-volunteer organization in both the USA and India. Led entirely by young people, young adults and youth have donated time, resources and services to see CLP flourish. We are grateful for the gifts of our community members, organizations and foundations that have supported CLP’s work and continue to do so.

The Sustain Campaign – Make a Monthly Pledge

A monthly pledge is one of the greatest gifts you can give to CLP. Your monthly pledge funds travel, accommodation, food and materials for youth leadership programming in Riverside and India. It supports our communications efforts, website, mailing, newsletters and legal requirements.

Sustainability Options
Sustaining Purpose:

Make a One-Time Gift

Any gift to CLP supports our work. Here’s what your gift can do:

  • $25 keeps our monthly e-newsletter, Paypal account and P.O. Box
  • $50 copies materials and provides food for monthly youth-led CLP meetings at Norte Vista
  • $100 assists with garden tools and materials for the upcoming Arlanza Community Garden
  • $250 pays for an entire Social Justice Saturday for 15 youth and 5 young adults to explore a social justice issue in Southern California (covers mileage, food, materials)
  • $400 pays for a three-day leadership training for 15 youth and 5 young adults to build community, do personal reflection, meet local leaders and practice a leadership skill in community development
  • $500 supports the CLP-USA team’s stay in India for one month during CLP-USA and TYCL collaborations
  • $600 allows TYCL to facilitate a day-long leadership program for over 60 children and youth in South India
  • $1000 pays for transportation for 12 youth and young adults to visit the USA-Mexico border and explore human rights and immigration issues
  • $1000 supports one CLP-USA young adult intern in India for 5 months
  • $1500 pays for one round-trip plane ticket for a TYCL Indian leader to visit the USA and learn from CLP-USA programming
  • $2500 pays for all transportation, lodging and food expenses for USA team to spend one month co-facilitating leadership programming with TYCL in India
  • $5000 meets all of CLP’s fiduciary needs for over five months of USA-based programming and administrative expenses
  • $15,000 meets all of CLP’s fiduciary needs for one year, including USA and India programming

Other Ways

CLP seeks the time and services of our local community– your expertise and your in-kind donations are essential to us.

Our Current Wishlist

  • Garden supplies, such as shovels, edgers, and work gloves

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