"Arlanza" in big bold letters.

UCOP Video In the Arlanza Garden

Check out a video by the UC Office of the President about CLP Executive Learner Samantha Wilson, Cheng Ung and the beginnings of Child Leader Project. Shot in the Arlanza Community Garden, Samantha speaks about privilege, power and accountability with international projects (which is highlighted in the previous blog post).

Samantha Wilson in the Arlanza Garden getting filmed for the UCOP video.

Here is the official summary on YouTube: “A medical evacuation from India due to malaria didn’t deter UC Riverside student Samantha Wilson from wanting to make a difference in the country. Upon returning home, the then-junior began working with schools in South India to develop a curriculum that would shift the focus from creating child laborers to creating child leaders. With the program now serving over 100 children in South India, Wilson has now brought the Child Leader Project home to Riverside, serving local youth through a community garden and an exchange program that brings the youngsters to India to connect with fellow participants.”

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