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Our goal of Child Leader Project is to empower students with an opportunity to develop their leadership abilities, to address local community issues, build international community, and to change the direction of their lives with mentorship and access to higher education.

About us

The Child Leader Project (CLP) is a Riverside-based 501(C)(3) organization providing leadership development, social justice education and mentorship opportunities for low-income youth. As youth leaders in CLP, participants do critical self-reflection, community-based research, group and community dialogues and strategic action to address issues they identify as most important to them and their families.

Our CLP Mentors


I decided to become a mentor because it inspires me to continue the cycle of educational support, which when I was a senior I obtained the most help from peers and teachers and although I never, because of shyness, asked for help they were there  to offer unconditional support so that’s why I’m here to continue the cycle of that support for others. I am currently going to RCC although this semester I am applying to CSU Fullerton and Sacramento State for my Communication in sciences and disorders to become a speech pathologist with a focus on ELD elementary through high school students. My favorite ice cream flavor is a combination of vanilla and butter pecan



I wanted to be a mentor because I wanted to help students who are in a similar situation like I was in high school. Having someone who is a student and has lived experience is important for students to feel more connected. I am so thankful for what NVD has helped me with as well as School Counselors so I also wanted to give back. I am a third year at UC Berkeley, Political Science major and Ethnic Studies minor. My favorite genre to read is Science fiction. [I just signed up for the class last night]



I wanted to support students during this time and be a support for them in the transition to college and even further down the road. I know having others around can help in different instances and help make connections. I know how NVD has helped me personally and I know it can benefit others as well. I am a fourth year (yikes) at UCSD, I am double majoring in sociology with a concentration in science and medicine and Global Health. My favorite cheesecake is New York Style, it is superior and I have eaten many cheesecakes in my lifetime so I’m a reliable source. Facts.



I decided to be a mentor because I want to bring back what I have learned and can contribute to the youth and lead them to my capacity in where I want to build a bond with one another as their friend who is there for them if anything.

I am currently going to RCC and will be transferring next year.

I am majoring in computer engineering. 

My favorite way to relax is going outdoors and exploring new environments, hiking and getting lost at  times and making new memories.



I decided to be a mentor because I know the difference it can make to have someone to go to for help. As a senior I was not planning to apply to UCs or Cal States as I did not feel prepared but Mr. Chavez encouraged me to and I did, I would like to be the person that encourages a current student as I know from experience the difference it can make. Because I was encouraged to apply to UCs I am currently in my third year at UC Riverside preparing to major in education. My favorite thing right now is Animal Crossing and I’m trying to boost my island to three stars.



I decided I wanted to be a mentor for a variety of reasons. Not only because I  have always enjoyed working with and helping other students, but also because I wanted to give back to one of the groups that provided me with so much. I am attending UC Davis and am in my fourth year here. I am an English major with a minor in education, however, if it were offered, I would be majoring in Education as I intend on becoming a teacher. My favorite artist is BTS and I really love them and their music, it has helped me a lot.


Elizabeth Ayala

A word from our President…                                

“CLP believes that helping our youth think critically about the issues that impact them and their world will lead them to take action for positive change. CLP youth organize service projects and take experiential learning trips that help them “think globally and act locally.” We do this while fostering safe spaces for youth to be their whole selves.”